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This house is located in the heart of Central West Florida and offers stunning views of the nearby lake. However, the property itself is in a dilapidated state and requires extensive renovation. The exterior of the house showcases peeling paint, worn-out siding, and a neglected front yard with overgrown weeds. The roof appears weathered and may require repairs.

Upon entering the house, you’ll find a dated interior that lacks charm and modern appeal. The living spaces are cramped, with faded wallpaper and outdated fixtures. The flooring throughout the house is worn and uneven in certain areas, demanding replacement. The two bedrooms are small and feature old carpeting, which shows signs of wear and tear.

Both bathrooms are functional but require a complete overhaul. The tiles are chipped and discolored, and the fixtures are outdated. The plumbing may need attention, and the overall layout of the bathrooms can be improved to maximize space and functionality.

Despite its current condition, the saving grace of this property is the picturesque lake view from the backyard. With the right vision and investment, this house has the potential to be transformed into a beautiful and inviting home. Renovations should focus on modernizing the interior, enhancing the curb appeal, and maximizing the utilization of the lake view to create a more desirable living space.

Overall, this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in Central West Florida presents a prime opportunity for renovation and customization. With some dedicated effort and a creative touch, this property has the potential to become a stunning lakeside retreat.

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